Email Protector 2.0

Email Protector 2.0: Automatically protect your email from prying eyes! Try it! Automatically protect your email from prying eyes! Anyone can read your Outlook Express email, but Email Protector can password protect and automatically log off your email account! Email Protector shows you how to add password protection to your Outlook Express email. You have done this already? Well then you know that simply closing Outlook Express STILL leaves you vulnerable. Email Protector logs you off: Automatically!

MP3 Music Organizer Pro 6.19: MP3 Music Organizer: Organize Music - easily with MP3 Music Organizer
MP3 Music Organizer Pro 6.19

automatically organized) ~ Organize MP3 Music - and even much more (with MP3 Music Organizer all your MP3 music will be not just automatically organized - it will be also automatically sorted according to your preferences) MP3 Music Organizer Pro - is the only software you need to automatically organize your MP3 music collection. Even if you have large MP3 music collection (17 000+ of MP3 files) all your MP3 music files will be organized automatically

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CastRipper 2.50.70: CastRipper is a free SHOUTcast Ripper. It can split and name songs automatically
CastRipper 2.50.70

automatically 5.Separates the received stream into individual songs by the song`s duration automatically 6.Separates the received stream into individual songs and name songs by stream`s title automatically 7.Names the individual songs automatically using the stream information 8.Automatically parse streaming script such as .pls, .m3u to acquire real URLs 9.Automatically tags songs with title, artist, album and genre information 10.Use multi-threads

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Auto Webpage Clicker 3.0

Auto Webpage Clicker is a kind of software which can automatically click the web pages in batch. It can automatically click a batch of web pages you added with flexibility, and you can set the cycle number and the switching time of the clicker by yourself. It is easy, simple, no hassle with totally automatically operation and deflated in the system tray, even benefit for the people who know little computer.

web promotion, web improvement tools

Rename MP3 Files Pro 4.39: Rename MP3 Files - automatically with Rename MP3 Files Pro easily right now
Rename MP3 Files Pro 4.39

automatically. Key features: ~ Rename MP3 Files automatically (just start Rename MP3 Files Pro and all MP3 music files will be renamed automatically) ~ Rename MP3 files by album, artist, genre (HUNDREDS of MP3 music file renaming methods available for the single-click selection) ~ Rename MP3 files easily (with user-friendly wizards) ~ Rename MP3 files exactly as you want (use one of the hundreds of MP3 music renaming methods - or select your own,

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pdf-FieldMerge 3.0.3:  pdf-FieldMerge allows to fill existing PDF form fields automatically.
pdf-FieldMerge 3.0.3

With some few mouse clicks pdf-FieldMerge allows to fill existing PDF form fields automatically. PDFs may be processed singularly or en masse - automatically or manually with pre-selected data without detour of Acrobat Reader Without any programming or some special IT know-how pdf-FieldMerge provides the possibility of filling these forms from a database in series. Of course you can also edit these form fields manually.

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Binary Boy 1.97: A newsreader with NZB and RAR support. Custom settings for each newsgroup
Binary Boy 1.97

Automatically download using NZB files or browse newsgroups and select files manually. Easily download and automatically expand RAR files with 2 clicks. Launch external programs based on the downloaded filename. Automatically re-establishes broken connections. Browse pictures with the built-in viewer and delete unwanted images without leaving the program. Keep your files organized by creating a folder for each newsgroup. The folder can automatically

binaries, downloader, usenet, newsgroup, newsreader

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